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New Release: Wolves of Climax, 5

The 5th installment of the Wolves of Climax series is now available!


This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 20th.

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]

Cassidy isn’t looking forward to the female inspector taking over Gregor Mining for a week. She’s isolated in the cabin, her imagination running wild. When she shows up at the mine and finds her men avoiding her and downplaying their relationship, her jealousy spikes to new levels.

She’s ready to walk away from the men she loves, unwilling to be second best. Evan is the first to try and convince her to stay in Climax, yet he still won’t make a decision without Garret’s approval.

To win her back, the Gregor miners must pass Cassidy’s tests of devotion. It will take more than mind-numbing sex and tempting promises. But with a kidnapping in the works, the pack will have to act fast or lose their little human forever.


“Time to bring you home. Garret says no little humans allowed at the mine for a week.”
“So I’ve heard,” she said begrudgingly. Sam Tanner would be showing up soon, taking her place. It didn’t sit well with her, especially after Garret told her to play dumb about their relationship. It was a huge red flag, in her opinion.
Ah, ah, ah. No sneaking over either. We’ll be watching you.” He winked at her when she looked up. “I’ll tell the wolves to keep guard.”
She didn’t want to hear anything about wolves after everything she’d been through the past couple of weeks. It was surprising she still had the nerve to stay in Climax after her nightmarish experiences. But, then again, she’d sold everything to move here. It was all she had. And all she wanted.
“Don’t worry. I don’t want to be anywhere near the mine over the next week. I think all the groveling will sour my stomach.”
Patrick looked up to Evan, who’d just pulled his shirt back on. “She’s jealous.”
“Am not!”
“Very,” agreed Evan. “I’ve already told her there’s no need.”
“I like it, though. It’s cute to see her so spirited.”
She clenched her teeth and pulled out of Patrick’s embrace. Cassidy danced into her clothes with as much dignity as possible. “How would you like it?” she said. “What if I were to start spending all my time with Ryder or Corbin?”
“You hate them,” said Patrick.
“That’s not the point.” Cassidy knew she’d lose if she tried to tell them she was staying in her own cabin, so she headed out to the front porch. She needed to breathe, to calm herself before she made herself look like more of a desperado. Jealousy wasn’t an attractive color on her.
Arms snaked around her waist from behind as she stood against the porch rails, looking out into the forest. Evan’s deep voice whispered in her ear. “You can come to the mine for a visit tomorrow. You’ll see for yourself there’s nothing to worry about.” She nodded, not daring to speak and say something rude. He kissed her temple, looking off at the same view.
“I used to love the forest,” she admitted. “Now…not so much.”
“Bad things happen everywhere, Cassidy. But Gregor land is the safest place for you. We own these woods.”
“I don’t think the wolves care about dollars and cents or whose name is on a deed.”
“I wasn’t talking about that kind of ownership.” He kissed her one last time and then hopped off the porch, heading to his truck. Again with the mind games. She had no way of deciphering them and frankly couldn’t be bothered anymore. If she stressed herself out about every off-the-wall thing her men did, she’d be ready for an institution.
Patrick joined her on the porch, closing the door heavily behind him.
She turned long enough to give him a cold stare. It was true she was jealous, but she didn’t want it pointed out for her.
He chuckled, a darkly masculine sound. Before she could react, he had her turned, lifted, and sitting on the porch rail. Patrick took up residence between her legs, both hands on her ass. “You’re angry with me,” he said as he nipped her earlobe.
“Forget it. I’m just stressed.”
“I’ll take care of you tonight when I get home from the mine.” He scooped her up under the arms and held her in the air long enough to kiss her lips before setting her on her feet. His strength astounded her. These were real men, not like the sniveling jerks that worked with her in the call center back in the city.
They made her leave her car at her little house to ensure she couldn’t run off and get into trouble when she was housebound at their place. She rode with Evan, and Patrick followed in another company truck. The familiar bumpy roads calmed her ragged nerves, making her feel alive. The light filtered down through the network of leaves tangled above the roadway, creating an array of images on the dashboard.
“I should really start to fix up my house. I haven’t done anything to it since I arrived besides clean it.”
Evan continued to watch the road as he drove. “Garret wouldn’t approve. There’s no point in fixing it if you’re staying with us.”
She sighed. Garret says. “Yes, but it’s good for a woman to be independent. What if something happened between us? I’d be stranded out here with a worthless shack.”
“Nothing will happen. We mate for life, Cassidy.”
She laughed out loud. He sounded like an animal. “Swans mate for life, right?” She tried to stifle her chuckle when Evan continued to look serious.
“So do wolves.”
“I don’t think that’s true,” she said, trying to recall her high school science lessons.
He briefly turned her way. “Our wolves do.”
“Your wolves?”
His jaw clenched. She watched the small point of stress as he stared straight ahead. “The Wolves of Climax. They’re unlike any others in the world.”
“I would still feel better.”
“You’re upset because of Garret. I’ll have him talk with you and set things straight. Hopefully put an end to this ridiculous waiting period.”
“I don’t think he’ll even hear you. He’s obsessed with this stupid inspection.”
“He doesn’t want to lose the mine, Cassidy. Without a license, it’s just a bunch of useless copper. We won’t be allowed to excavate a handful.”
She did understand. Garret was a relatively young entrepreneur, running a successful mining operation. He was always stressed about production and competition from the Rockfords. She needed to stop being so selfish and think about him for once. When she looked at the situation from his perspective, her anxiety eased. He just didn’t want to lose this legacy. A lot of people counted on the Gregor mine as their only source of income—including her. She had no reason to be jealous. What she needed to do was support the man she loved.
“You’re right. I’ll behave.”
He cocked an eyebrow at her but didn’t comment. As they approached the secluded cabin in the woods, she felt that sense of belonging. She wanted this to be her forever home, however rustic. Cassidy didn’t need a fancy house, jewelry, and other material goods to make her happy. She wanted what she’d always sought but never attained—a family, roots. Surely she’d survive one week of isolation.

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Congratulations Stacey! i have only read the 1st book so far, i am way behind but i have them all on the top of my TBBN list and hope to be caught up before the next book comes out. :D

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