Sunday, November 6, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #166

Dhuroth shakes his head slightly to halt the direction of my words and thoughts. “You are here now. Your strength, your nature will live free once more, and know respect again.” He smiles, so like a lion I am in awe and I want to hug his neck. “Yes, my beloved,” he continues. “It will take time to recover the whole of yourself. That is the way of all things.”

Dhuroth embraces my hand between his, then clasps it. “Already, I can smell the enticing dinner that has been laid out for us,” he says. “We’ll walk the hallways, so I can show you some of our home.”

“Yes,” I murmur automatically, as my stomach tumbles in anticipation and apprehension.

Leading me forward to an archway that is suddenly and subtly illuminated, my lion man keeps my hand firmly enfolded in his.

“Your eyesight is different than mine in the darkness, my Sh’raka. You must tell me if you cannot see properly.”

“I’m fine,” I say because in truth I am enjoying the amber-golden lighting that enhances the boldly designed bronze wall sconces.

Behind us, I hear the tiny click-click of the dogs’ toenails as they follow us. Moon Dream nuzzles my palm, then keeps her soft-wolf muzzle buried in my hand.

“Do not be surprised, my beloved one, if there is much news of horrific events on Earth soon. As Earthers say, all hell is about to break loose. This night’s attack on Mars was instigated by one of the factions from Earth’s breakaway space civilization. A group of the ‘soulless ones’ who want to claim the metal resources for their use.”

“They are that strong?” Trepidations fills me now, an icy wind whirling inside me.

“With the ancient technologies they have stolen since the nineteen-twenties, and with the help of several other galactic and dimensional races, their space fighters are to be reckoned with now.”

“A war for resources. It has always been that way, hasn’t it?”

“Since ages past when those of limited spiritual knowing found this solar system and decided the worlds, the peoples, the animals were easy prey.”

“This is an ancient spiritual war, isn’t?” I ask as understanding dawns and my previous knowledge coalesces.

“Yes.” He pauses. Turning, he guides me inside a dining area that could only be described as Arabian Nights’ sumptuous. “It is a war of the Light Mind in conflict with the Dark Mind. And All culminates at this point in time.”

“As it culminates on Earth,” I murmur. “The Divine help us.”



This week, and for the rest of November 2011, it is all about ‘relationship’ and ‘relationships’.

First, it will be about how you personally relate to the world, and also how you relate to everyone around you. The Universal Force will be highlighting your strengths and weaknesses at this time.

Second, through this process, personal relationships which are not fundamentally sound, cannot withstand the rigors of the future, and are not based on love -- will be dissolved. In counterbalance, during this period, new and stronger relationships will be forged. This will be both love partnerships and enduring friendships.

The cosmic energies during the last two months of 2011 is about preparing for the future -- the immediate and long term future. Opportunities will appear and it is best to take advantage of them. Quickly. Decisively.

From this point forward, the pace of life will ‘quicken’ beyond the current hyperspeed. This means, in part, whatever is essential and most valuable in your life will be revealed to you. Out of this make your decisions for the future.

As usual, this is a critical time that will determine how the year 2012 plays out for humanity. In that regard, divisiveness will be the main theme for this week. Be aware that the ‘soulless ones’ are attacking with ‘divide and conquer’ strategies as never before.

Know also, the decision is upon you. Which side will you choose? Freedom or non-freedom? For, that is what 2012 will be all about, the rise of true freedom for humanity.

On the economic front, big-time deception will be the name of the game. Most likely every news story fed to the public at large, will be the exact opposite of the truth, or completely misleading.

For the best direction to go in pay heed to those who are the financial renegades. This ‘does not’ include any big name in the system currently. For, they are the false gods, and meant to lead all of us astray.

Several major conflict-events that will occur this week, have been initiated from the dark side of magck -- conjured by those who serve the soulless ones. Duck and cover spiritually.

This ‘black cloud sorcery’ is being done to cover up the Light streaming to us all from the cosmic center. This Light, straight from the heart of the Divine, is meant to reanimate our highest natures, and to give us the power to become strong in the face of evil.

Trendwise, this week, and through the holidays, people will be searching for new ways to celebrate -- ways that are more meaningful to them and their families. There will be a return to more ‘homey’ celebrations, as well as the opposite, all-out elegant affairs. Everything cheap and commercial will be shunned more and more this holiday season.

Exercise your personal power this week for your benefit, and the benefit of your loved ones. It is all-important.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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