Sunday, October 3, 2010


So far, CAPTIVATION has received two amazing reviews.

5 Flowers from Book Junkie - "Like a master chef, Kris Cook has blended the perfect ingredients for a succulent masterpiece by creating a majestic world where the supernatural is interwoven with the human world, a powerfully emotional love story and a suspenseful and deliciously dramatic battle between good and evil. Primal, sexually explosive and downright additive CAPTIVATION is a can't miss as it leaves you breathless and aching for more!" Brande ------->(CLICK HERE) for full review.

5 Delightful Divas & Recommended Read from Dark Divas Reviews - "While the sex in this story was sizzling hot, I was also- dare I say Рcaptivated by the plot that Mr. Cook wove into the storyline. While I love graphic sex in my books, I also need a plot to go along with the sex. Captivation is just as strong on plot as it is on the sexy m̩nage scenes between Nash, Eve and Kronos." and "Mr. Cook will take you on an unbelievable ride."
Dakota -------> (CLICK HERE) for full review.

Update from my writing desk:

1. Finishing touches on Lillian's Rogues: An Eternally Three Novella. This is a nice introduction into the world of E3.
2. Starting on Playing the Field - a sports-themed erotic romance. Here's the teaser that Sophie and Shayla helped me come up with - "One brilliant woman, five hot football players -- the game is about to change."
3. More revisions on Secret Cravings.
4. Waiting on edits to arrive.

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