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A blurb, an excerpt and lots of happenings!

Hello! I wanted to let everyone know that Delilah's Downfall, the second of the Texas Temptations books, is now up for PREORDER and will be available on Nov 4th!!! I wanted to share a blurb and excerpt, plus I wanted to let  you know of some happenings:) I will be posting here all week long some of Delilah's favorite recipes, and on my own blog, I will be celebrating the American cowboy. That all starts bright and early tomorrow morning.  Oh, and on Thursday, one or all of the Bartlett men will be interviewed on Chatty Characters!
With all that out of the way, here is a little tidbit from Delilah's Downfall.

Delilah's Downfall: Texas Temptations #2

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, bondage, sex toys, Interracial]

Delilah Gonzales loves cowboys. She has from very early in her life. But, those in her hometown didn't show much interest, or respect, so she has sworn them off. Plus, she always seems to fall head over heels for them and they always seem to leave. That's before she gets hired as the Bartlett Ranch's cook and housekeeper. When she is faced with not one, but four, gorgeous brothers, she finds herself reevaluating her cowboy ban.

The Bartlett Brothers have been looking for a woman for all them. They each have different needs, wants, and Delilah seems to be the one to fill them all. It doesn't take long before they have her in their bed. But, when she is faced with choosing them over her family, will she stand up to her overbearing brothers, or leave the brothers with broken hearts?

Can I help you?”

The deep, rich male voice sent a wave of heat down her spine. She couldn’t clearly see the person who had spoken. He was just a dark figure on the porch. Her city-girl instincts kicked in, and she slipped her hand back to the car door handle—just in case.

“My name is Delilah Gonzales. I’m the new cook for the Bartlett Ranch.”

A beat of silence, then a sigh. “It figures.”

Hard boots slammed against the steps as he came into view. In the orange glow of the lamp above, she could make out the features of the man. Oh, Lordy. Short golden brown hair, a hard jaw, and the most amazing mouth she had ever seen on a man. Full and sensuous…it was hard not to stare. But she forced her gaze to travel down his body, and it was a long trip. A white T-shirt was tucked neatly into worn jeans that hugged his lean hips. By the time she met his deep blue-green eyes, little bursts of heat flowed through her blood.

“Are you Shane Bartlett?”

He shook his head, and she felt a twinge of disappointment. Even when she had interviewed over the phone, she had felt some kind of connection to her new employer. With her reaction to this man, she hoped they were one and the same.

“I’m his brother, Mason.”

“Brother?” Then she remembered her conversation with Shane. “Oh, he mentioned it was a family-run ranch.”

“If you stick around, you’ll find out that Shane is usually light on details when it suits him.”

A sinking feeling enveloped her. “There is a job, isn’t there? I have a contract.”

There had to be a job. She had given up a very lucrative position in San Antonio to move closer to her family. And she had needed a change of scenery. This seemed like the perfect option.

“Yes, there is. But I have a feeling ranch life is something you aren’t looking for.”

She straightened her spine. “I can assure you, Mr. Bartlett, I can handle life out in the wilds of West Texas.”

His lips twitched, and some of his stiffness drained. “I bet you can. But putting up with my brother is a full-time job.”

She opened her mouth to ask what he meant when another deep, resonate voice interrupted her. “Are you already spreading lies about me, big brother?”

She turned her head in the direction of the voice and just about swallowed her tongue for the second time that day. Of the same build, broad in the shoulders, lean in the waist, and with the same blue-green eyes, Shane’s resemblance to his brother stopped there. Long, straight, light blond hair cascaded over his shoulders and ended somewhere in the vicinity of what she was sure was a very fine ass.

“No. I was telling her what a pain in the ass you are.”

Shane tossed his brother an amused look, then smiled at her. Holy moley! The flash of white in the darkness, and a chin dimple to boot. Delilah curled her toes inside her shoes.

“I assume you are Delilah Gonzales.”

Her brain scrambled the moment she heard him speak her name. She cleared her throat. “Yes. From what I gather, you’re Shane Bartlett.”

He jogged down the steps and stepped neatly in front of his brother. With long-practiced ease, he took her hand, then pressed the palm of his other on top of it. The rough calluses on his palms told her this was not a vanity ranch: these men ran their own ranch.

“I am. I was getting a bit worried about you since I expected you earlier today.”

“I took a wrong turn a ways back.”

She would have explained that her GPS system had taken her the wrong way, but her legendary concentration dissolved at his touch, at the way his fingers slipped over her sensitive flesh.

“I thought you were from around here.”

She didn’t respond right away. He cocked his head to the side and watched her. It was then she realized that she would never be able to think straight with him touching her.

She pulled her hand away, and she could tell by the twinkle in his eye he knew exactly why she had done it.

On PREORDER right now!

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