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Angelic Forecast ~ #383

To those who live in the land of my birth, America... May You Have a HAPPY AND EXCEPTIONAL NEW YEAR. ~All Love To You~ 

December 28, 2015 ~ Embrace the Exceptional Opportunities of the New Year 2016. May you enjoy the company of those who love and treasure you the moat. 

December 21, 2015 ~ The Divine Stargate That Is Winter Solstice 2015 Will Embrace Your Soul. May You Enjoy the Best of Holidays. May You Hold the Love of the Divine Christ Within Your Heart. 

Our lives settle into a new rhythm over the following days. Dhuroth and I have decided to keep the River of Light at a minimal flow for the sake of others – and to travel back to Mars if need be. If... the rampaging evil is, or can be contained. 

With interdimensional portals we are able to watch the unfolding events on both Mars and Earth... and in the surrounding solar system. Our prayers are often, said for the good souls, for all of life – spoken for the planets, their beautiful animals and  vegetation. 

All life is Sacred. 

For now, all of us in this out-of-time dimension, must live fully and let our lights shine. That is how we will increase the goodness in the Universe at large. That is how we will win real freedom for ALL. In the great span of eternal time. 

And so our story, mine and my lion man's, ends for now...  Yet, we will always remain, ready to assist the people of Earth and Mars. 



THE WILDCARD EVENTS OF 2015 ARE STILL IN PLAY BIGTIME ... This Will Be Demonstrated During the Following Month 

On the AWAKENING front, The Vibrational Transition From a Dark-side Prison Planet To a Venus Love Vibration World ... For, Mother Earth Ascends Ever Faster

Out of this grand frequency change, turmoil erupts throughout the world. For, the Viper Elite fight for the enslavement of humankind, pulling every dirty evil trick in their sorcery and tech bag. 

Meanwhile, those who cannot psychologically adjust/adapt to a love vibe will battle to bring those on the Ascension Path down to their level. Simply remain AWARE and AWAKE, and let your heart's love bloom ever bigger. 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' take on the serpents of darkness, swiping off their evil heads with their mighty lightblades.  This will result in a new freedom of thought for many. Or a Divine AWARENESS of what has been kept hidden from humanity comes into sudden focus. 

For, this is the ultimate key: an AWARENESS of the TRUTH about your personal power as a human being.  

On the personal front, This week ushers in much turbulence on the world stage from all directions. This will likely have a direct bearing on your personal life, and your relationships. 

Be prepared to communicate with one another as never before. For, the deeper you understand each other, and speak with one another, the better it is for ALL concerned. 

Also, likely there will be certain money issues to contend with, and/or bureaucratic issues that will be ill-timed. Out of this, important life decisions must be made. 

Hang onto your hat, and muddle through as best as possible. Then, consider how to arrange your future on a more positive note. 

On the *Clairvoyant 2016* front, ARTICLE: Clairvoyant Has Ominous Warning for 2016 ~ January 01, 2016
The prediction of an allegedly clairvoyant blind woman from Bulgaria has some Europeans on edge as the new year begins.
Baba Vanga is credited by some with having predicted 9/11 and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
Before she passed away in 1996, the soothsayer was said to have shared a number of predictions for future world events.
And now her forecast for 2016 has been unveiled and it is ominous.
According to Vanga, this year will see Europe invaded by extremist Muslims using chemical weapons.
The invasion will be so brutal, she warned, that it will shatter the continent by the end of the year.
Unfortunately, Vanga's adherents claim that the mystic's predictions were correct 85% of the time, making her vision for 2016 a worrisome outlook on the future.Source: The Mirror 

On the paranormal front, Past Lives ... Nessie Sightings ... the Burning Tree ... This Week Will Likely Highlights a New Type of UFO  

ARTICLE: "Children Who Remember Previous Lives ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015 
Studies continue to focus on children who recall apparent previous lives with uncanny accuracy." — Daily Mail 

ARTICLE: "Nessie Sightings of 2015 ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015
A roundup of the most reliable Loch Ness Monster sightings of the past year. — Loch Ness Mystery" 

ARTICLE: "Ohio hikers inadvertently make spine-tingling Blair Witch-style film after encountering 'Devil tree' burning from the inside and with NO smoke
A group of hikers encountered a tree that appeared to be burning from the inside in Ohio
One of the hikers filmed video of the tree and shared it to YouTube  
The incident happened in Defiance, Ohio, which is located about 60 miles outside of Toledo" 

On the BIGFOOT front, ARTICLE: "Bigfoot Turns Its Back As Father And Son Walk By (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. A lot of animals in the wild hide in plain sight by remaining absolutely still. Does bigfoot use the same tactic at times to hide from us? It seems like a good possibility. Jeff Patterson believes he has captured footage of a bigfoot doing exactly that. As he and his..." 

On the MOON UFO front, ARTICLE: "Contractor Claims NASA Covered Up 3 UFO Sightings on Moon
December 29, 2015 Paul Seaburn A video has surfaced showing a woman claiming to be a former NASA contractor who says she viewed and heard evidence that NASA astronauts saw three UFOs land on the moon which were later covered up in an operation code-named “Santa Claus.” She also claims that thousands of photographs of UFOs have been altered and airbrushed. Is she telling the truth?
They didn’t threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn’t talk about it.
That’s what Donna Hare says in a video made in 2013 that has surfaced this week. In it, this former employee of the computer and engineering contractor Philco Ford says she had security clearance to enter a mysterious Building 8 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in the 1970s. There she says she received confidential information “over lunch” from officials who said that if they were caught, they would “lose their pensions.”  

On the UFO front, BLURB: "Resetting UFO Research
Author and researcher Jack Brewer checked in for the second half with his contention that UFO study has been compromised by both government disinformation and many Ufologists. Brewer has been a student of alien abduction and the UFO phenomenon for over 20 years. He describes himself as a skeptic in the classical sense of the word, meaning that he takes nothing at face value. By some of their statements, Brewer believes that some government agents are "inserting the intelligence community into the genre" of UFOs and abductions. Some of this may be for gathering intelligence or performing counterintelligence or perhaps, more ominously, as an adjunct to mind control projects. In spite of this, Brewer thinks that only a small percentage of UFO reports may be due to government influence, although the spread of disinformation is more widespread and troubling.
As for the research community, Brewer thinks that much of ufology "seems to be at times a self-perpetuating meme–almost a mythology" and that care must be taken to examine the mystery as a true unknown, rather than one full of assumptions about extraterrestrials and their motivations. He also believes that abductees deserve "proper respect and resources" from trained psychology professionals. In general, he thinks that much of UFO study is currently burdened with the "difference between a fact and a supposition" and it will take many years of patient research, true scientific methods, and suspension of judgment to approach any solution to the enigma." 

ARTICLE: "Why the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge UFOs ~ Sunday, January 3, 2016
There’s no subject more ignored, shunned and discounted by the mainstream media than that of UFOs." — RT 

ARTICLE: "Golden Morphing Plasma UFO Filmed Over New York (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. Some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. Tony Shia recorded with special equipment an amazing plasma UFO in the sky over New York, last September 2015. When the camera gets in focus we can see something strange. The plasma UFO continues to change its shape in the sky. Sometimes it..." 

ARTICLE: "Photographing the Tiny Upstate New York Town Obsessed with UFOs ~ Friday, January 1, 2016
Although Pine Bush is a small hamlet with a population of 1,780, it is big in the world of ufology." — Atlas Obscura 

ARTICLE: "Montana man claims he has proof of UFOs in images captured by powerful cameras ~ Tuesday, December 29, 2015
The five photos show two smooth, cylindrical objects that appear to be moving through the sky at high speed." — NY Daily News

On the MARS front, BLURB: "Martian Apocalypse
Nuclear physicist John Brandenburg joined George in the first half to discuss Mars anomalies. His theory is that there is ample evidence (in the form of artifacts observed by orbiters and rovers) for an ancient civilization on the red planet, which he believes was wiped out in a nuclear holocaust at some time in the distant past. His quest began with early images from the Viking orbiter, which showed the famous "face" in the Cydonia region. He and fellow scientists examined this and subsequent pictures taken with better resolution and discovered that the formation had "nostrils" where the nose would be. Brandenburg says that Mars "was earthlike in the past."
He described the ancient Martian civilization as primitive, on the level of the Egyptians or the Aztecs, who built their huge monuments out of stone, and that about a quarter to a half-billion years ago (before the age of the dinosaurs on Earth) two massive nuclear explosions destroyed all life on the planet. He has theorized that the attacks came from an extraterrestrial force that dropped bombs from space with an estimated total yield of "a billion megatons." He says that the presence of excessive xenon and krypton gas in the atmosphere of Mars are the fingerprint of this massive tragedy. Brandenburg described the problem of discovery of these issues as a "Darwinian cosmic intelligence test," meaning that the human race must go to Mars and study the reasons for the planet's destruction in order to save our ourselves or to deal with any other intelligences in the universe. View related image: 'Aztec Head' on Mars."" 


On the ANCIENT CITY IN ANTARCTICA front, ARTICLE: "Ruins of an Ancient City With a Storied Past Surface in Antarctica ~ By conspiracyclub - Dec 31, 2015 
A California TV crew missing since November 2002, a video they left behind and a mission by U.S. Navy SEALs are the key elements in a story that claims extensive ancient ruins have been found under the ice of Antarctica. That’s according to archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray of World Education Research Ltd in his free newsletter Archeology News Flash.
A spokesman for the company is reported to have said at the time that “The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice.”
“The AtlantisTV production crew that shot the video is still missing.” reports Gray. 


Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Warning!!! The global elite [New World Order] does not want *you* to read this book. See ~ Powerful Dreams at my Kougar Kisses blog. 


~~~ Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~~~ 

World weary and worn out, the incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human, has three choices after her old van breaks down.

Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp.

Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal with the hope her death will be quick.

Or does she dare trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her?

Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges out of the darkness.

Sedona wonders if the stranger on a superspeed motorcycle is her savior from the brutal endtimes.

Or, is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?


It’s only a few days before Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 ~ The end of the Mayan Calendar.

Sent from heaven to help Sedona save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

He also knows Sedona is about to find out Christmas miracles still exist.

[Angelic Fantasy Erotic Romance] 

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