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Angelic Forecast ~ #343

Someone grabs my arm, dragging me toward a safe area. I want to fight them off, but don't. After all, they're only trying to save my hide.

I quit resisting and whip around to follow. Startled, I see the second in command of the moon base, Ularof.

"Dhuroth will rip me a new one if I allow anything to happen to you," he states.

Together we rush toward the domed structure. The doors are sliding shut fast, and we slip through. Everything shakes as if the entire base has been picked up by an angry giant who wants the pesky humanoids removed... or as a condiment for his meal.

Once inside, Ularof releases me, and rushes off. Everyone is either at their stations or huddled together watching display screens of the raging battle outside. I move toward the nearest screen while paying attention to my mind connection with Dhuroth. Silence.

Yet I would feel it, know it, if my lion man had come to harm. Energy beams flash and crisscross madly as the fighter-crafts battle. Part of me aches to launch in my jet and take on the enemy. Give them blasting hell.

However, Dhuroth needs me here as his 'eyes on the cosmic skies'. Or he did when I was at my monitor watching his six. Dammit! 



Herald the Quantum Leap, the Ram-Charge Toward Freedom ... Humanity Is On the Evolution-Revolution Precipice 
On the AWAKENING front, Waking Up To Your Genetic-Heritage Potential

Now is the time. For, *Sacred Cosmic Vibes* gradually activate humankind's long suppressed genome -- especially the heritage-blueprint we all carry inside that is our individually unique ancestry.

Watch for these signs within yourself. Specifically, the activation of your psi abilities, and the sharpening of your perceptions. Also, being able to more easily discern the 'truth' of a situation and/or if you are being told the truth, is likely to develop at a hyper-rapid pace.

The key is to remain AWARE of this gene resurrection. And to honor the restoration when it occurs.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their mystical lightblades severing another head off the black-sorcery cabal -- those who would keep humanity in endless darkness and enslavement. As well, the Mages are assisting those AWAKENING to their magickal power and prowess.

On the resonating magic of STAR WARS front, BLURB: "...veteran journalist Chris Taylor talked about how the Star Wars franchise has conquered our culture with a sense of lightness and exuberance, while remaining serious enough to influence politics, and spread a spirituality that appeals to religious groups and atheists alike." Book: "How Star Wars Conquered the Universe"

On the personal front, this week is about facing the 'mountain-sized ups and downs' of our lives in these current times. Accomplish and enjoy all you can while atop life's mountains. When in the valley, experience life's lows, and look for what will give you that shove upward and onward.

Compassion for yourself and others remains the huge key to overcoming ALL in the Aquarian Age. Look for simple ways to let others know you care, even when you can't help them in other way. For, this priceless energy is the currency of Divine love, and the currency which beautifully transforms our lives.

Also, good and wonderful opportunities continue to be abundant for most of us. Stay vigilant but beware of scams. Use your inner ability to 'see' through those who would take nasty advantage of you.

On the paranormal front, Bigfoot, Giants, Dog Man... The DNA Evidence of Dr. Melba S. Ketchum.

For more DNA info check the 'on the heroine front' below.

On the ancient Mars front, BLURB from "Nuclear War on Mars ~ Date: Friday - March 27, 2015 ...Richard Syrett welcomed Richard C. Hoagland in the first half of the program for a discussion about evidence for nuclear war on Mars, disclosure, and how our solar system appears to have been 'remodeled' for life.
According to Hoagland, his early analysis of Viking's Mars data revealed not only some kind of ancient civilization there, but also anomalous isotopes in the atmosphere resembling those seen in hydrogen bomb tests on Earth. "Some of the craters in the Cydonia region, around the face and the pyramids, did not look like natural meteoritic impact craters... they looked like the nuclear explosion tests in Nevada," he added. Hoagland concurred with plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg that a global nuclear war wiped out Martian civilization . Article:
Book(s):The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA

On the UFO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Large, loud UFO sighted over Cannock Chase ~ Sunday, March 29, 2015 ~ Dozens of people reported a huge, slow-moving object passing over their homes on Tuesday night."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Triangle UFO Photographed Near Sedona Arizona :While we were researching On the Path of the Immortals my wife Shelley Putnam captured this triangle UFO as it flew by in the distance near Sedona Arizona."

On the *who needs gov-leaders for disclosure?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Former NASA engineer claims he saw a NINE FOOT alien on 1991 space mission :He claims he was watching one 1991 mission when he saw a 9ft entity The 'humanoid' interacted with two US astronauts for a minute, he says
~ Clark McClelland was allegedly part of a team based at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he spotted the extra-terrestrial humanoid.
The 'entity', he says, stood on two legs and approached two U.S. astronauts, that he would not name, for one minute and seven seconds in the space shuttle bay.

On the 'past revealing itself' front, The Year of the Ancient Underground City Complexes

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How this vast ancient underground city was accidentally discovered in Turkey Of all the famed underground cities pockmarking the landscape in Turkey’s Cappadocia region, perhaps the most remarkable is the underground network called Derinkuyu. When swelled to capacity, it could house 20,000 people in its 18 stories of living quarters, shops and escape routes. Today, it’s recognized as one of the jewels of this Turkish archaeological wonderland.
But as amazing as Derinkuyu may be, a recently discovered underground city buried deep inside a hilltop may put it to shame. And this one was discovered completely by accident...
...Right away, Mayor Unver was salivating over what this underground city could mean. He told the Daily News those other underground cities wouldn’t even be a “kitchen” in this underground city. He said the whole thing came in at more than 100 acres..."

On the land changes front, Earth Change Events Escalate Across the Planet... Dare To Prepare For Superstorms of Every Imaginable and Unimaginable Type

Worldwide, the coastal areas are at risk as the year progresses. Even though, Benevolent Forces are mitigating the worst catastrophic changes, rough times are ahead for some major areas on Earth. This includes earthquakes, volcanic activity, droughts, flooding, off-the-charts weather, and temperature extremes.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientists Confirm Gulf Stream Weakening ~ Tuesday, March 24, 2015 ~ A study just published in Nature Climate Change reports an "exceptional" weakening of the Gulf Stream system across the twentieth century, and suggests that the entire system of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is in jeopardy.

WATCH: Hail Smashes Car's Windows as Tornado Approaches Tulsa 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "March heat shatters records in bone-dry Los Angeles :This is the first March since record-keeping began in 1877 that has had six days with highs in the 90s or above in Los Angeles." 

HEADLINE: "Russia's Shiveluch Volcano Wakes Up" 

HEADLINE: "USGS upgrades Aleutian volcano alert level: volcano stirring after 28 year slumber"

HEADLINE: "Drought in São Paulo: Brazil’s Megacity on Verge of Crisis as Water Rationing, Shutoffs Continue" 

HEADLINE: "Chilean president describes 'bleak' scene in flood-hit north" 


Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Warning!!! The global elite [New World Order] does not want *you* to read this book. See ~ Powerful Dreams at my Kougar Kisses blog.


~~~ Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~~~

World weary and worn out, the incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human, has three choices after her old van breaks down.

Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp.

Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal with the hope her death will be quick.

Or does she dare trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her?

Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges out of the darkness.

Sedona wonders if the stranger on a superspeed motorcycle is her savior from the brutal endtimes.

Or, is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?


It’s only a few days before Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 ~ The end of the Mayan Calendar.

Sent from heaven to help Sedona save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

He also knows Sedona is about to find out Christmas miracles still exist.

[Angelic Fantasy Erotic Romance]

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Author Discovery by BookStrand author, Lindsay Townsend.


Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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