Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Words for September 10, 2014

This week I am doing something I have never done before. I am writing the first part of these words on Sunday and then the rest of the essay on Tuesday. You’ll soon know why.

I may have already mentioned a time or two that I get not one, but two “horoscopes” delivered to my online inbox each day. Now, you need to know right off the bat, that I consider these as entertainment. I’m not an avid follower of astrology, and I don’t believe much of what I read in them.

One of the fun things I like to do each day is compare these readings, one to the other. Sometimes they are absolutely opposite. Sometimes they are close. One of the readings I get is definitely recycled. By that I mean, the company that sends them has a raft of paragraphs, “insights” that they use over and over again.

Sometimes, I wonder at the thinking behind some of these paragraphs. They are, after all, trying to convince you they can “see” your future so they can sell you stuff. Why then, would they ever tell you, “tomorrow you will receive and unexpected windfall!” Duh. It’s not unexpected anymore, is it? Which means, it likely won’t be received. I think for the issuers of these little scopes that could be considered a self defeating prophesy.

Now, here I am, reading my horoscope on Sunday, and at the end of the week’s run this particular one has a peek into the week head. Mine read:

Morgan, next week on the 9th, the Full Moon in Pisces could be the trigger for some emotional outbursts. If you happen to be on the receiving end, try to maintain your calm and wait for the drama to subside. Of course, it could be you who is letting off steam, so you will want to keep this in mind!

My immediate response was: oh, crap! Because on Tuesday, September 9th I have only one entry on my “calendar”: TV Tech due sometime today.

Yes, the TV tech. For those interested, no, our big-ass TV is not yet working; and wow! Apparently they do work on days other than Friday, because he is, allegedly, coming on Tuesday this time.

That day will be day 45 that our TV has been broken. However, we haven’t been suffering the last few weeks, because when we hit day 28 (or somewhere in and around there) we decided to go to our local Walmart and purchase an inexpensive, 39 inch television. Yes, for the first time ever, the Ashbury’s are a two-television family [the times when kids came back for a few months toting their TVs doesn’t count.]

I need to share with you a few facts about this entire debacle. We purchased the television in 2011 from a National chain store, that is affiliated with another similar chain in the United States. We purchased the extended warranty, because that is our policy, especially with expensive purchases. And this television cost more money than anything we’ve ever bought, except for the house and our cars. The set is a very popular name brand, too.

Speaking to the people at the “tech center” as well as the store (albeit it all of them sounded to be under 30), no one thought that having to wait 45 days was a big deal. Apparently, that’s ok as their replacement policy only kicks in if you’ve been waiting more than 60 days.

You can understand, then, why when I read that horoscope this morning (Sunday), I said, “oh, crap”. Ah the suspense....will the Ashbury television be fixed, finally, on Tuesday, or not?

The punch line:

9:15 am Tuesday September 9th: I received a call from the tech. He wanted to know if I could help him bring the part into the house from his van when he arrived as it was fragile and weighed 30 pounds. Because otherwise he would need to have another tech meet him here, and that might have to be rescheduled. Yes, I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it before I put it back to my ear and said, “Sure, I’m game. I’m 60, I’ve had triple by-pass surgery and I’m half crippled with arthritis and walk with a cane. But I will give it my best shot.”

1:15 pm Tuesday September 9th: the tech arrived, and two minutes later a second tech showed up to do the heavy lifting.

2:00 pm, Tuesday September 9th: I waved goodbye to the two techs, our 54 inch big-ass TV now working.

I did ask if this was something I could expect to have happen again in another three years? The answer was that no, the manufacturer had improved the quality of the panel, and this would not happen again.

When they weren’t looking, I knocked on wood. Not very high tech but in my opinion, very effective.


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