Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cowboy Sex Spin-Off Contemporary Cowboys Out Today

Today, at Siren-Bookstrand 

Sexual Healing kicks off Contemporary Cowboys! 

I'm thrilled to announce the new release of Sexual Healing. Kane Cartwell's East Tennessee cousins are in trouble and he's calling in reinforcements to help, but when he arrives in Erwin, he discovers the Baldini sisters are already taking care of their own. Not only do these young women know how to look out for one another, but they've also attracted the best looking cowboys around! 

Blurb for Sexual Healing

Brianna Baldini ropes in a fraudulent cowboy and lands in bed with her father’s enemy, but when the Jackson brothers find out what has happened to the woman they love they offer her the security she’ll only find in their loving arms.
Jax, Flint, and Tyler Jackson have waited to claim Brianna, but not because she’s a pretty young thing. They wanted to give her extraordinary things no one else could offer—a lifetime of happiness, a family, and every inch of themselves together as a loving unit. Their only concern was if she could handle them. Then tragedy strikes and leaves little room for doubt.
Brianna is looking for trouble and finds it. She unravels a larger plot, a huge scheme, one destined to place Brianna in a world of danger. Soon, the Jacksons are taking up arms and fighting for the woman they love, but they aren’t the only players in an untangling web of deadly deception.

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