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Angelic Forecast ~ #253

Together, in constant contact, I know the weapons fire does not penetrate our protective field. With quick precision, the sound device trains it's long muzzle on me.

Dark. Ominous. The mouth of this beast technology opens wide.

I continue my dive, locking the cannon on tech beast's throat. That is the only way it can be killed.

It begins, the sound frequency that could shatter us apart.

On instinct, sensing the moment of the kill, I loose the blasting rays. For long moments, I am blinded. I hear nothing. I am aware of nothing except my own existence.

Have I been blasted from my body? I should feel fear, panic.

'Sh’raka,' Inside my mind, I hear my lion man speak to me.

'Dhuroth.' I manage. Around me is a white blazing light.

'I have control of your jet.'

'Am I still in my body?' I ask telepathically.

'Yes. You are inside a protective bubble created by your Spirit.'

' learn something everyday, don't you?' I respond with the first silly thought that enters my head.




Winds of Change ~ Waters of Change ~ Fires of Change ~ And Land Changes

These are the themes for the latter half of the year, 2013. For now, what has been called the Quickening, goes full blast across the planet. Get ready. 

On the land changes front, during the next three months Volcanoes spew massively worldwide, and new volcanoes rise beneath the oceans. This will ultimately begin a new cycle of weather.

This new cycle will be methodically interfered with by the dark-side's mad scientists in an attempt to stop Mother Earth from expanding, and improving life for ALL.

To counteract this brutal poisoning of the planet, the sun will loose more serpent-striking CMEs. These particle beams are meant to balance the yin and yang of the eco-sphere.

This coming week there will likely be more devastating, superstorm weather events, and more 'unexplained' sinkholes. As well, large earthquakes continue to shake, rattle, and roll along the ring of fire.

Within the next two weeks, a HUGE CHANGE event 'could' cause more population migrations.

On the personal front, this is definitely a turn-the-key toward the future week for most of us. Likely, this will happen in our close relationships, or could involve choosing another career/job direction. This might be an offbeat enterprise for some.

For, change is occurring on a mass scale, and we're in the midst of it. This demands making decisions as we seek new paths, or decide on different goals.

Also, keep close watch over your possessions this week, especially what is most important to you.

On the magickal, mystical front, now, a sacred goldeness descends upon humanity, beyond what has already been poured upon us by the good angelic realm -- by the grace of the Divine.

Simply close your eyes, and imagine yourself drinking in this golden gift. For, your genetic code is being activated in powerful ways which will benevolently serve you, and others, in the near future.

The 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin like superstorm tornadoes, battling the onslaught of dark-magic induced despair and trauma. This behind-the-scenes sorcery has been used for century upon century against humankind, as has been stated before.

Now, this 'programming' begins to be rendered useless. As well, the final trap is being laid, the preparations hidden from 'those who have chosen the lesser light' -- those who despise humanity.

On the paranormal front, now, the strange gets much stranger with each passing day. UFO sightings continue to rise worldwide, most especially in South America. Also, there will be breaking news about a major sighting within the month.

Suspicions ride high among some paranormal watchers that contact with the gods of old -- who some call the Annunaki -- is occurring on the continent of Africa. This is partly based on the fact that the current man in the white house, and two former presidents, have all traveled to Africa in the same and recent time period -- with little fanfare.

For background info on the Annunaki, check out this link ~ "Michael Tellinger has made groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. He is an author, an explorer ..."

On the economic front, another HUGE week of jerk-the-people-around, courtesy of the technocratic elite who say they have the right to rule over us.

The stock market remains a sucker's bet, and acts like it has a split personality.

Gold fuels new economic wars, with the Asian countries front and center.

In Europe, the Bankster Gangsters show their sinister hand for ALL to see. Pay attention. This is what they intend for Americans.

Meanwhile, more of us look for any and every 'way out' of the current economic system. Creative wily ways of networking grow super-fast. This, despite the thug establishment's stomping, crushing boots -- where everyone is labeled a criminal, or a potential criminal.

In the near future, there will likely be another monstrous scandal revealed, having to do with money laundering. If this happens, even less of the people will trust banks to keep their money safe.

As always, keep an eagle eye on your bank account, if you have one.

On the truth front, the TRUTH about humanity's real history continues to emerge with a vengeance. Here's one recent example:

Alexander Helios, the oldest son of Cleopatra, established a colony in America, called the Happy Land on the ancient tablets.  INTERVIEW at Friday July 5, 2013 ~ The Illinois Mystery Cave yielded a treasure of strange artifacts that suggested ancient Egyptian origins. The cave has been called a hoax, but is it? Harry Hubbard is convinced that many of the artifacts are real and have not been explained.

On the war front, with the majority of the world's people sick and tired of war, and the warring mentality, a subtle shift begins for humanity.

Even as the global controllers force and fuel more brutal conflicts around the world, in truth, they have lost ground. They have lost a certain amount of control. 

For, the brave Egyptian people are essentially a wild card. This type of mass demand and demonstration was not on the war chessboard of possibilities.

However now, the dark-side will attempt to use the Egyptian revolt as a pathway to further their diabolical rule. Thus, how this plays out on the world stage is an evolving situation, with any number of twists and turns.

On a positive note, instead of being prey to lies and deception, the world will witness the real truth by what happens in Egypt. That is, 'those' on the world stage who are truly responsible for perpetrating endless wars.

On the AWAKENING front, ZOOM! BANG! BOOM! The AWAKENING exponentially explodes planet-wide.

Now, every act of integrity, every good and right action taken by each one of us, turns the key of destiny faster, bringing forth an Aquarian Age renaissance.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the Machiavellian plan for class and race division continues on a grand scale. As has been stated before, every strategy, every method of mind control is being rolled out. For, the dark-side elite must cause the people to endlessly fight against each other, if they are to succeed in enforcing hard martial law.

On the communication front, not only is the NSA monitoring every communications system/device used by the people, now comes the public outing of Sky Net.

HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens: SAURON, or the Semi-Autonomous Ultra-high-Resolution Orbital Network, is comprised of a series of hundreds of low-orbiting cameras..."

On the home front, there is a major shift in the political winds. A superstorm of opposition manifests against the sordid, scandal-ridden powers that be.

With the ongoing brutality of law enforcement, this week brings a renewed fervor against every form of oppression.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world’s rice supply"

HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Watchdog group finds high levels of carcinogen in Pepsi drinks ~ Baltimore Sun | A health watchdog group is releasing a study today that found high levels of a cancer-causing chemical in Pepsi drinks in 10 states, including Maryland."

At this time, the movement to shun the corporations selling frankenfoods will spread like wildfire. Eventually, this seriously cuts into the profit margins of these dark-side, cold-hearted giants. Watch them topple, if they refuse to give consumers what they want.  

On the energy front, big doings are taking shape because of like-minded groups who are determined to get off and stay off the grid.

As revealed by Jim Marrs: Did you know the streets could be made of solar glass, already invented? This alone, would power the entire country easily.

Further, this is a quote from Jim Marrs today: "Off the shelf technology could solve all of the energy problems overnight."

This ***TRUTH*** has been known for at least two decades now. Not surprisingly, the people have been given the shaft over and over again.

As has been addressed before: any inventor-investor who believes fame and fortune are around the corner, if they help solve the world's energy crises, and patent their device...NO! You are being deceived by the corruption-ruled establishment, and/or by your own greed.

For, only grassroots mass distribution of devices and working plans will overcome the vicious watchdogs of the corporate elite, freeing we the people.

On the really bad news front, there is a major pandemic on the near horizon. However, the WHITE HAT force is working overtime to mitigate this and other  bio-attacks on the human population.

Meanwhile, do ALL you can to prepare for this, for all the potential disaster events of these times. Once again, being out on the land and working with Mother Nature is the real key.

Plus... HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Hunger and Thirst Are the Primary WMD’s [weapons of mass destruction] of the Globalists; America is being set up for BOTH food and water shortages and these shortages will likely appear at a time of rapidly falling incomes due to the impact of cap and trade legislation on the economy..." 

On the good news front, now it magnifies to the tenth power. Whatever the dark-side cabal perpetrates against humanity is reversed, striking them like a squadron of serpent leviathans. Watch them fall as the year progresses.

On the global mafia cabal front, with the Egyptian crisis forcing their hand, the new world order criminals have banded together for the time being. Although, there is still one faction focused on making gains by collecting mass quantities of gold, and also trafficking in stolen gold -- in opposition to the other factions.

On the heroine front, the beautiful and incomparable Mother Nature. HEADLINE: "Mother Nature Sticks It to Monsanto with Drought" 

On the hero front, Jim Marrs, investigative author-reporter extraordinnaire, gives humanity a giant stride toward energy independence by, once again, exposing the truth about energy, and how easy it is to use hydrogen separated from water -- as has been done for decade upon decade, often by farmers and engineers. Bottom line: the oil cartels can't monopolize hydrogen and the global tyrant psychopaths can't keep the people enslaved in a dark oil age.

On the freedom front, The Heroines and Heroes of Liberty Rise ... Can you feel it? The bells of freedom are ringing across the land. For, reestablishing American liberty is here, and now!

Trendwise, as the days crash together and worlds collide, sanity will be challenged far beyond what has occurred already. Some comically refer to it as duct-taping your head, and joke about stocking up on duct tape.

Now, the stronger among us will develop ways to cope, despite the head-spinning enormity of what is coming down the pike. These strong ones will offer help to others. However, fear and denial will overcome many, and sadly they will be lost.

At this crucial time in history, satire makes a major comeback, as do new forms of dark humor. Political satire leads the way, of course, given the low regard the people have -- according to the polls -- for politicians and everything government related.

On another sad note, likely airplane crashes will multiply significantly. Most of these crashes will be acts of sabotage that involve key assassinations. Also, warring factions will attack each other. As well, there could be false flag events.

Plus, many commercial airplanes have not be been mechanically kept up to par. This will take its toll.

One good trend continues to be the groundswell of artists and musicians. For, the creative artist inside each one of us rises. All we need do is ride the sky-dancing dragon of Sacred Potential.

This week is for noticing the beauty, glory, and power of the sun. Simply enjoy the colors of sunrise, a sunset. Feel the blazing light of the sun as it nourishes life on Mother Earth. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Warning!!! The global elite [New World Order] does not want *you* to read this book. See ~ Powerful Dreams at my Kougar Kisses blog.


~~~ Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~~~

World weary and worn out, the incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human, has three choices after her old van breaks down.

Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp.

Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal with the hope her death will be quick.

Or does she dare trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her?

Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges out of the darkness.

Sedona wonders if the stranger on a superspeed motorcycle is her savior from the brutal endtimes.

Or, is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?


It’s only a few days before Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 ~ The end of the Mayan Calendar.

Sent from heaven to help Sedona save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

He also knows Sedona is about to find out Christmas miracles still exist.

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