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New MM Vampire Paranormal Available for Pre-Orders

Hey there! 
I'm thrilled to announce that LIVING COLD, Book One is available now for pre-orders. 
The Living Cold vampires originated from Russia and have an unusual you'll enjoy reading more about. 
Check out Living Cold Book One: Hell to the Damned!!!

 Hell to the Damned (MM)

Story Excerpt:

Felix stared at the rounded lips hovering over his. Colburn’s mouth looked like pure sin, and Felix was smart enough to know that one kiss would lead to another and then one more would soon follow. He’d enjoyed lovers before. He’d been in bed with his share of Colburns.
He’d lost control before and knew what it felt like to unravel like thread from a spool, yarn from a spindle. Ravenous affairs were brutal on the body and damaging to the soul.
Fellows like Colburn never stayed for longer than a minute. The sex was often hot and satisfying, but immortals like Colburn only offered their services. They weren’t interested in forfeiting more than a certain block of time.
At Felix’s age, he was more cautious than he had been in the past. If he took a leap outside his comfort zone, he wanted that jump to count. He longed for the start of an enduring relationship.
Maybe Felix was old school, but he’d had his heart broken enough to understand what he wanted. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.
“I have guests waiting,” Felix said, his nostrils flaring as Colburn’s hot breath stung his lips.
“I can ruin a good time, Felix.” His statement sounded like a solemn oath. “How about I tell your guests what I’d really like to do with you? Would you like that?” His thumb grazed Felix’s lips. “Would you, lover?”
Felix shivered. His cock thrummed in his trousers. His balls tightened. “Why are you doing this?”
“Because I can.”
“No,” Felix argued. “You like stirring problems. You’re known for capers such as this.”
“And you have the reputation for living large.” Colburn shot him a wink. “We both have our flaws.”
 “If you see me as a flawed individual, then I can assure you with absolute conviction that I’m not interested in that kiss, Mr. Cay. Nor will I entertain a kiss or any connection with you in the future.”
“Such a stiff dick,” Colburn grumbled.
Without meaning to, Felix glanced down. The large hump in Colburn’s slacks tantalized his curiosity. He wasn’t easily sidetracked, but the bulge in Colburn’s trousers was enough to throw him off his original intended course.
Unable to take that first step and walk away, he grew more anxious. There was something more than slight curiosity binding him to Colburn Cay. He felt as if he had become Colburn’s hostage, yet he was certain Colburn couldn’t glamour him, not in the truest sense anyway. “Why are you here, Mr. Cay?”
Colburn clucked. “For some reason, I want to say I was invited.”
“You were invited to a birthday party for a host you don’t know with guests you clearly detest. Why did you accept the invitation?”
“I’m a social person.”
“Yes, I am,” Colburn smugly assured him.
“You’re obnoxious.”
“I’m insulted.”
“You should be. And should the need to leave arise, your coat is in the closet here in the hallway.”
Colburn’s lips twitched. “I’ll keep that in mind, should the need arise.” He then looked down at his stretching slacks and added, “And it might, Felix.”
“I want you to go.” Felix immediately checked over his shoulder. If his sister had happened upon them, she would’ve been appalled.
A slow smile crept across Colburn’s lips. “You don’t like me because I’m like you.”
“I’m nothing like you.”
“Oh yeah?” Before Felix could brace for the assault, Colburn jolted forward. He bracketed his arm around Felix’s waist and placed his full lips next to Felix’s ear.
Releasing a spell-binding breath, Colburn asked, “Does blood pump through your veins, Felix? Does your heart race at one hundred and fifty beats per minute? Does it race at all when you’re excited?” Colburn’s tongue slivered down the shell of Felix’s ear. “Tell me. Are you alive with fervor or a dead man walking? Has anyone ever made you feel more alive than you feel right now?”
A double-dose of toxic arousal sped through Felix’s body. He tried to break their close connection, but Colburn secured his grip around Felix’s neck.
“Let me go.”
“If I do?” Colburn smirked. “Then what?”
“We rejoin the party,” Felix suggested, though entertaining his guests ranked low on his list of things he’d like to do at that moment.
“There’s an idea. We’ll walk back in the dining room and act as if nothing happened between us.”
“Easy enough since nothing happened between us.”
Colburn winked. “Don’t hold your breath, lover. The best is yet to come.”

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