Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday's Words for May 1, 2013

We’ve arrived safe and sound at the site of this year’s RT Booklovers’ Convention—Kansas City, Missouri. These last few days have been spent familiarizing ourselves with this new, to us, venue, resting up and—gasp—shopping.

The hotel we are at is connected to the Crown Center, a complex of shops and restaurants. There was a time not that many years ago when one of the things I loved to do was try different and varied foods. Since my stomach can no longer boast a spirit of adventure, fancy restaurants are no longer a draw for me. Mr. Ashbury loves to go out and experience fine dining, and has taken himself off his diet for the time that we are here. He’s done well in the last few weeks and I am confident this brief interruption will not set him back.

We’ve been reunited with most of our good friends, and I am looking forward to meeting and greeting some of my readers. If you’re in the vicinity and want to meet me, Heather Rainier, Peyton Elizabeth and Corinne Davies, we will be in the area known as “Club RT”. Our “misters” will also likely be not far from us, and they’re worth saying hello to as well.

And this brings me to a confession I have to make with regard to last week’s essay. I posted this correction on my Face Book page, and I need to post it here, too.

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. In this case, I was partly wrong.

I offer my apologies to one and all for some of the misinformation I inadvertently included in my previous Wednesday’s Words about the RT Convention.

I was under the impression that all e-published authors were being excluded from the Giant Book Fair at the RT Convention this year. Certainly, the self-published authors are being excluded.

Where I was wrong was in the details. Apparently if individual e-publishers were willing to absorb a deep discount on books and handle the shipping costs involved in sending these books to the convention, then their authors could indeed sign at the Saturday Giant Book Fair.

Some publishers chose not to do this, and so those authors are unable to attend.

The RT Convention remains an excellent venue for authors as a place to meet and greet their readers. If you are an e-pubbed author and were thinking of attending RT next year, you should still consider doing so.

The readers who attend each year are avid in the pursuit of their one “guilty pleasure” – reading. And because they travel from city to city, using the event as their annual vacation, they are loyal.

RT is still a good place to be, if you write, or read, books.


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