Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's finally here! It's officially release day for THE VIRGIN SACRIFICE!

Thank you to all my friends and fans who pre-ordered the book! It's wonderful knowing you all have given me such wonderful support. Today you can download your book off the Siren website and open up the file to read it. :)

If you haven't bought your copy, you can get your copy here:

Do you enjoy sexual encounters of the virgin kind? Jewel didn't sign up to be a virgin sacrifice.

Jewel hoped to retire her life as a thief, but in order to save the life of her brother she is forced to pull off one last heist. It may as well be suicide but she has to try. The Troll King wants her to steal the Red Dragons treasure, from their lair high in the Shatundra mountains or he has promised to kill her brother.

Darius and Darryl are fierce shapeshifting red dragons and have been sleeping for years. They awoke to find a thief in their midst and a powerful drug that stops them from shifting into their stronger dragon forms to fight. They corner the thief in their lair only to discover the fierce thief is a curvaceous virgin whose body drives them to possess her and her sharp tongue dares them to try and tame her. A challenge they are both too ready to accept. They demand nothing less than passionate obedience from their raven haired beauty, but when they learn her brother’s life is in trouble, they must act or risk losing the woman that sparks passion in their souls and love in their hearts.  
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Lots of love,
Missy Lyons

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