Monday, January 28, 2013

Release day for ALIEN PROMISE

It's officially release day for Alien Promise! Ya-yay!!

I want to thank everyone who was able to purchase a copy and pre-order your book. You can officially download the book and read it today. Please consider helping other readers by rating and reviewing the book on the Siren website.

If you haven't got your copy yet, you can do it here:

Alien Promise
by Missy Lyons
Price $5.99
Genre: Menage M/F/M, Paranormal, Sci Fi, Erotic Romance,  Futuristic

Aliens are taking over the world and only one human is unaffected by the alien’s mind control. Lily Madison agrees to help two big blue intergalactic bounty hunters but she can’t believe her studs are aliens or that they both want her in their bed.

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Lots of love to you all,
Missy Lyons

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