Monday, December 13, 2010

CONTEST! Find the Sci-Fi super weapon & Enter to Win a FREE e-book copy of Luminous Nights, a steamy Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure

Good day, readers!

Feel like a contest? At the end of the day Tuesday, I’m going to draw a lucky winner for a free e-book copy of my steamy new release, Luminous Nights, a Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure brought to you by BookStrand Publishing.

Want your name in the pot for love in the stars, deadly risk on an uncharted planet, adventures with alien chocolate seduction? Prison breaks? Doomsday devices? A dead-sexy and dangerous hero with naughty tricks up his sleeve and nearly superhuman talents?
Don’t turn your back on Jack…

Let me help you get in the mood...

Find Jack’s favorite weapon!
Follow this link:
Find: “The Very Brief Story of the Gun”
(Psst! The link’s located under the gun! Or click the gun!)

Then  read the very small paragraph, click the link to enter the contest, and tell me where I bought Jack’s super high-tech, demon-frying, villain-zapping, laser-blasting gun.  No mailing list, no secret battle plan for your e-mail address.
Good luck on the drawing!

While you’re there, read hot, peril-packed excerpts, check out the 5-star reviews, watch a kick-ass book trailer. Happily Ever After Reviews gave Luminous Nights a 5 out of 5 Teacups + a Recommended Read!

Read and live an adventure,

Michele Hart
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