Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nine Erogenous Zones that can drive a lady wild! (Adult)


I'm doing the edits for my menage a trois, Brothers of the Night, and wrote a really hot sex scene where I had the hero lick the heroines feet! I have never read anything like that in other books, and wondered why? How many writers are really educated on just where a woman's erogenous zones are (besides the obvious places, of course)? Below is what I have learned since I began writing.

Is there a big strong guy out there willing to tell us where the MALE erogenous zones are found?

1. Ears

There are a huge amount of nerve endings in and around the ears, making them extremely sensitive to being kissed, licked and nibbled. Explore this area gently kissing, licking and nibbling both around the outside of the ear and also forget to do the occassional lick inside.

2. The Lips

For many women this is their number one erogenous zone! Many women complain that they don’t get kissed enough! Women simply love to kiss so do it right. Variety and passion is the key to a good kissing experience. Let her know you want, love and desire her; there is simply no better way to do this than a passionate kiss. Try varying the intensity of the kiss, kiss softly, more passionately, and then slow down, make sure you keep her surprised and tease her with your mouth and tongue.

3. Neck

The neck is one of the best erogenous zones for most women and if you have been kissing her lips try moving down to her neck next. Most women simply love having their neck kissed, licked and sucked and this makes most women feel incredibly aroused. Explore the different areas of her neck, you will find the area close to the ears is particularly sensitive, so pay particular attention to this hot spot. With this erogenous zone (in fact with all really) variety and passion are the key, vary the intensity of your kissing, nibbling and licking and you will hear from her reaction how much she enjoys it. A word of caution! Be careful not to get too carried away, most women will not appreciate a bruised neck.

4. The Back

The back is one of the most under rated female erogenous zones and the small of the back in particular, is rich in nerve endings and incredibly sensitive. Start by massaging the back for a great way to set the mood for a night of passion. Not only does massaging the back realize tension and help de-stress, it also increases the blood flow to pelvic region and increases its sensitivity. While massaging her back don’t forget to kiss and lick it, you will find that most women love this and particularly love having their spine kissed and licked running your tongue up and down this area is very erotic.

5. Legs

The inner thighs and the backs of the knees have a huge amount of nerve endings and are extremely sensitive. Lightly kissing and licking in this area can be highly erotic be careful (particularly behind the knees) not to be to rough these areas are very sensitive!

7. Buttocks

Most women are self conscious about their bottoms and deep down want them appreciated. Squeezing and fondling this area and kissing and licking it will be appreciated by most women, who simply love knowing their butt is liked and appreciated.

8. Feet

They're a lot more sensitive than most people think. In Fact, a large area in the brain receives sensations and signals from them, so paying attention to them can be highly stimulating for most women. Lightly kissing or passionately sucking them as well as massaging them with your hands are guaranteed to arouse your partner. Because these zones can all be ticklish, the sensation of ticklishness can be exciting and pleasant for many women.

9. Hands and arms

Not An erogenous zone that most men think of, but fact is most women love having their wrists kissed and nibbled by their men. Many women also like having their hands kissed (a traditional sign of affection) and their fingers sucked. Other areas to target include the joint areas of the arm.

So there you have it. 9 female erogenous zones to target which your partner will appreciate. When targeting these areas remember to do so with eagerness, passion and variety.

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Happily Ever After Authors said...

Great post, Audrey.

I actually use the feet and toes in a few of my books. I've found critters were turned off by the toe sucking, but I tell you, caressing the big toe in any way is the biggest turn on.

In myself, the crook of the elbow is a turn-on zone. It's nearly as powerful as the inner thigh.

Massaging the hands - having your partner do this is amazing.

For guys -- I've found sucking on the jawline weakens their knees as well as the tongue-in-ear and their nipples - it's no secret to anyone that I'm chest gal. lol Most of the guys I know just like deep, wet kisses and massages.