Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pick A Number...

Oh, boy...I know I'm in trouble, but I'm here to face the music.

I know I've been a little scarce around the blog when it comes to posting. OK, I've been a LOT scarce! I'll try to get here a little more often! Promise!

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about menage stories. I write a lot of them, and I'm often asked questions about them.

First, my next menage story is due out on August 11, 2008:

Knights of Desire, Flights of Fancy 2 continues the saga of the crew of HMSS Daedalus as they explore the far reaches of the galaxy on a mission of first contact. If you like hard science fiction, dragons, knights, and hot erotica romance, you'll love this one!

Oh, did I forget to mention the menage aspect?

Knights of Desire is a menage-a-trois. Remember, though, that three is not a hard limit for menage stories.

Pick a number. Any number.

Those who have read my stories know that the Emperor of Mankind in a menage-a-five. My French is rusty. Sue me. The next story in the Flights of Fancy series has four main characters. Two of them are not human. It can get pretty crowded in my universe.

As to why I write of menage stories, that's easy. I like the challenge. It's easy to write "normal" erotica with multiple partners because you can ignore emotions, romance, and love. I like to write erotica ROMANCE menage. The hard part is to get all of the emotions and personalities in order and have all of the "participants" in love with each other. It's not as easy as it sounds!

In other words, I have a different view of the menage concept. I tend not to even call it menage, preferring the term "polyamorous" instead. In my mind, as I write, multiple partners is just sex, and I can get that anyplace. A polyamorous relationship is romantic love, and that's very special.

It's also amazingly sexy!

I was asked by a reader once if I was encouraging people to have multiple partners in bed. No, just the opposite. I would encourage people to consider polyamory. It can work for some people, but certainly not all.

But it makes for some hot fantasies!

Until next time...

Keep Loving!


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