Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog Day Afternoon

Well, morning, anyway.

Yes, I'm back for more random ramblings and maybe to sneak in a few words about some of my books.

Many of you are aware that the first two stories in my Flights of Fancy series are now available at Siren, but let me tell you a little more about them.

Burning Love, Flights of Fancy 1, takes us to a new chapter (no pun intended!) in the Immortal Love Universe. There are a few characters from other stories in the Universe you may recognize, but mostly we meet a new group of people. The ship HMSS Daedalus is on a mission of first contact, seeking new worlds and peoples. Anytime people are together and under stress, strange things can happen, but Spence never expected thing to get as strange as they have. He admits that the sexy diplomat Star is the hottest woman he's ever seen, but as the old saying goes, he has things to see and people to do. Especially women to do. He doesn't have time for getting serious for more than a night or two at time. When Star tell him that the aliens on the planet are pyrokenetic, things get totally out of hand. It gets worse when Spence finds that the alien diplomat Krell can do things to him that no one else, man or woman, could ever do, things really get confusing.

Currently at number eleven on the Siren Bestseller List.

Knights of Desire, Flights of Fancy 2, finds Daedalus and her crew on a planet populated by chivalrous knights and talking dragons. Shane suddenly discovers that it's alright to both a woman and a warrior. She falls for Sir Landis, but things aren't really all that OK because Landis is in love with Sir Clemmons. When the dragons kidnap Shane, the men go after her and the fun starts.

Currently at number six on the Siren Bestseller List.

I need to toss in one other story, and that is The Polyamorous Princess. This one is also set in the Immortal Love Universe, but it's not a part of Flights of Fancy. What the three books share, beyond the common setting, is that they are all menage tales. In The Polyamorous Princess, Allison, daughter of the Emperor and Empress Janelle, falls for two very different men. Damon is a tough, swaggering Marine who fears nothing. At he doesn't until he meets Allie. The dichotomy of Damon's reactions attracts Allie in ways she never knew possible. Then she meets Harry...Harry is an intelligence officer and everyone believes him to be a genius. Most people also think he's more than a little crazy. Eccentric, arrogant, and lacking anything even close to military discipline, Harry literally sweeps Allie off her feet. Caught in the middle of a war that could easily be the end of the line for humanity, the three must sort out their building desires for each other and come to terms with the idea of polyamory.

Currently at number fifteen on the Siren Bestseller List.

OK, maybe "menage" isn't the right word. I'll probably get letters from readers reminding me I don't write traditional menage stories.

Polyamorous is a much better word.

All of the characters are in love with each other. There are no third--or fourth or fifth or sixth--wheels in my books.

I've also been blogging a bit on my MySpace page. I tend to stick to news and politics there, so if you have a bend for that sort of thing, drop by and check it out at and give it a read.

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