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Life With Baby Doll: I Hold His Heart

WARNING:  The links contained within this post will take you to sites with content for mature readers only.  However, this post is suitable for a PG audience.

Andrew and John Website (225x338)Mid-October I shared a list of activities suggested by my cardiologist.  One of those was thirty minute daily walks. Baby Doll and I began walking at night. Carving out time for exercise is still a struggle.  The fluctuations in temperatures do not help.  Several evenings, we have missed our walks because it has been too cold.  No excuse!  We have a membership at a twenty-four hour gym less than a mile from our home. Motivation.  I will have to remember that word when the mercury dips again.  For the next several days, warmer temperatures are expected.  
Spending time alone with John has been my incentive to exercise.  The evenings have proved a time to reconnect after busy days.  We’ve shared conversations and romance.   Lovers can be friends.  Last night as we held hands beneath a clear fall sky, I remembered the walks we shared in our early years together. I also thought about the heart-shaped rock John found in the fall of 1991.  
IMG_3477 (241x300)Baby Doll discovered the stone outside our first apartment.  He picked it up and handed it to me.  I smiled, and placed it in my pocket.  I don’t know how old the rock is, but is has been with us for twenty-three years.  During a move in late 2012, I thought I had lost it.  Several weeks, and many unpacked boxes later, it resurfaced.  
I have always kept the gift  on my nightstand.  This has allowed me to view it upon waking, and before sleep. The simplicity, yet beauty, of it’s design reminds me of John’s heart.  Nestled in it’s own box, the heart-shaped rock found a home with me, as did it’s giver over two decades ago.  
The symbolic act of John handing me that stone, has been a constant reminder of the fact I hold his heart.  He has given his submission freely.  A gesture which fills my deepest desires.  Baby Doll’s heart makes me a dominant man.  His trust reminds me of the responsibility to fulfill his needs. John’s love is the culmination of our top/bottom dynamic.   Dominant men do not take, they give.  
John and I have given each other many gifts.  Some of which have been material, others tangible only to the soul.  Why would a simple rock have become such a precious treasure?  I’d like to believe it has absorbed our history, keeping it within it’s confines.  A human heart hold memories, categorizing each one, and building relationships.  This heart-shaped stone is one representation of the life we have made together.  
Two decades, and two children later, two men are still holding each other hearts.  Dylan Thomas’s poem, And Death Shall Have No Dominionhas always had special meaning between us.  Thomas wrote:  “Though lovers be lost love shall not;  And death shall have no dominion.” Love never dies, it is reborn.  
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