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Life With Baby Doll: Andrew and John’s Playlist

WARNING:  The links contained within this post will take you to sites with content for mature readers only.  However, this post is suitable for a PG audience.

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Baby Doll is my lover and best friend. He knows me better than I do myself.  In his eyes, I see our history. John’s heart holds my secrets.  I have been in love with him since I was seventeen.  He is the reason I am a dominant man.  Even though he gives his submission freely, I often question my worthiness of his affections.
No other gay male has ever found his way into my heart. Several men, including Vinny, have professed their love for me.  I have always been, and will remain, a monogamous man.  Each day I share with John reminds me love has the capacity to grow and encompass the heart it attaches to.  I am convinced being in love, as opposed to love, is the reason I feel my dominance peak whenever our dynamic flames.
Those are the words which came to mind this week, as I answered a reader’s e-mail.  While I did not share them in a reply message, I did list the songs which had prompted my thoughts.  The fan of the Life With Baby Doll series, asked me if I could share some songs which had personal meaning to John and I.  They quoted the following excerpt from a post I had written in April of this year.
“With Dan Hill‘s song, Sometimes When We Touch, playing softly in the background, the snow fell outside our hotel room in March, 1992.”  
The Life With Baby Doll series began as a unended lover letter to my partner. I am a romantic man, who needed a place to share his thoughts.  While each segment reaches my readers in digital form, I print a hard copy.  Those are saved in a journal I created for John last year.    
I also keep our CD collection near a stereo system in our bedroom.  The discs, by various artists, contain many of our favorite songs.  If we are not listening to the radio playing softly in the background before falling asleep, the familiar sounds of music spanning over two decades can be heard.  Baby Doll and I often joke about another in our commitment—his name is Music.  
Many songs have special meaning in our commitment, but there are seven which will always remain in what is Andrew and John’s Playlist.   I have listed the tunes in the order in which they came into our lives, with a brief description of their significance. 


Aerosmith – Angel (Our first date on August 25, 1991.)
KISS – Heavens on Fire (John and I played a sensual game of pool in a biker bar during the Fall of 1991.  In the Spring of 1993, we rode our Harley to the West Coast.  That fall, we traveled to the Eastern Seaboard.)
Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch (Was playing the first time we made love, March 21, 1992.)
Andrea Bocelli – Nessun Dorma (During the mid-nineties, John and I learned how to Tango, which was followed by ballroom dance.  While we didn’t hear Andrea Bocelli’s version until 2007, the song brings back fond memories of an erotic period in our relationship.   Dance has many undertones of sexuality.)

Peter Cetera  and Cher – After All (Our 10th anniversary, 2002.)
Journey – After All These Years (Our 20th anniversary, 2012.)
Dan Hill – Never Thought I Could Love (This song has always been a favorite, as it continues to remind us how love can change your life forever.)


The Life With Baby Doll series is a free weekly MM romance read on my Website which shares my relationship with John Jericho.
To learn more about John and I visit: Life With Baby Doll.  Due to the increasing popularity of the Life With Baby Doll series, I have created the permanent tab on my Website which contains information concerning our intense and passionate love affair as partners.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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Andrew Jericho is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing  and LGBTQ rights activist.  All of his work can be found at:  Andrew Jericho.  For questions or comments please e-mail him at:

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