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Life With Baby Doll: School Supplies

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Each year around this time, I purchase Baby Doll school supplies.  Not only do I enjoy hearing his flamboyant voice utter the words, “school supplies,”  but I like seeing his excitement as he opens a gift bag full of vibrantly colored papers and pens.  There is nothing more arousing for a dominant man than to see his campy partner letting the flamboyance rage.
Growing up in rural Arkansas, as the oldest of four children, John’s family suffered financial difficulties. He has told me stories about going to school without even a pencil, only to be ridiculed by his peers. Once at school, all the poor children were singled out as the teacher passed out extra paper and pencils. Of course these were generic supplies, lacking the luster of what the more affluent children had access to.
Even though John has two graduate degrees, he has periodically gone back to college to take additional courses.  This semester, he was approved by his doctor to return on a part-time basis if he desired.  Baby Doll is taking six credit hours of online studies.
On Wednesday of this week, I filled a gift bag with a hot pink binder, several glitter-covered notebooks with matching folders, and a package of purple pens. I also purchased a roll of pink duct tape, rainbow colored note cards, and some pride heart stickers.  The latter was my attempt at providing John with the extras all the ‘cool kids.’ have.  I remember what those children brought to grade school when I attended.
John's School Supplies(300x200)After I finished filling the bag, I left it on his side of the bed. Not long after, I heard his sweet voice saying, “school supplies.”  I walked into the room and he already had everything spread out and was organizing it. I could not resist pulling him into my arms for a tender kiss.  In addition to the school supplies, a student does need a new outfit for the occasion.  I watched as Baby Doll opened the second gift bag, containing a T-shirt with the words, “I Would #Bottom You So Hard.”  John promises he will model the T-shirt for everyone soon.
Baby Doll wore the T-shirt on Thursday while he was doing some course work online.  Since we share a bedroom office, I got little work done that day.  I cannot focus when there is a hot gay twink nearby.
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