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Life With Baby Doll: Unexpected Guest

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Early Saturday morning, about four o’clock, I was awakened by the ding of a text message.  Reaching for the device on my nightstand, I saw it was from Vinny. For those who follow The Life With Baby Doll series, you probably remember this man.  If you are a new reader, Vinny is a mutual friend of both John and I.  We have known him since the summer of 1991.  I have mentioned him in the following series’ posts:  Gay Partners in Love and Soul Mates.  
The text read, “Can I come up?  Need to talk.”  I replied, “Sure.” John and I live in a upstairs condominium, so I had a few minutes  to get dressed.  Vinny would have to make it from guest parking, then up two flights of stairs. Baby Doll was already stirring in my arms, and I told him Vinny needed to talk with us.  
Since it was what I consider the wee hours of the morning, I decided to put a robe on over my T-shirt and boxers.  John had already headed to the kitchen to make coffee.  When Vinny knocked quietly on the door, I let him in.  I could tell immediately he was not alright.
The three of us sat down together in the living room,  John next to me, and Vinny in a chair directly across from us.  I started the conversation.  
“Do you want to wait for the coffee?”  I asked.  

“I can’t stay long,”  Vinny replied.
When I reached for Baby Doll’s hand, entwining our fingers together, I saw Vinny’s eyes fill with tears.  Evidently John saw it, too, because he said he was going to bring us some coffee.  While John was in the kitchen, Vinny stood up and turned his back to me.  He walked the short distance to stand in front of the fireplace.  I know his actions were because he did not want us to see his emotions.  
John returned from the kitchen, and handed Vinny a cup of coffee.  He took the mug from Baby Doll’s hand. John sat down next to me again.  The three of us remained silent for a few moments.  I knew Vinny would talk when he was ready.
“There is something I need to tell the both of you,”  Vinny spoke first.  

“Vinny, we’ve been friends for a long time,”  I replied.  “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m in love with you and John.”
The silence in our living room was deafening.  I think  Baby Doll and I were equally surprised.  Vinny was still facing the fireplace.  I squeezed John’s hand tighter in my own.  I knew the best thing to do was to remain silent, and let Vinny get everything he wanted to say out in the open.  When he finally turned to stare at both of us, I could see his feelings written all over his face.  At that point, I knew he was not lying.  My heart felt sad for our friend, because I knew before the conversation was over, we would break his heart.  So John and I sat quietly as Vinny ranted. 
“I tried to ignore this, Andrew,”  Vinny said.  “For years I have. Not anymore. I’ve watched the two of you all this time.  Look at you both, sitting there. Everything I want in men, and know I can never have.  When you two met all them years ago, I knew I had no chance.  I’m just the third wheel.”

“Did something happen with you and Bruce?”  I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, something happened,”  Vinny replied.  “My love for both of you.  Besides, I  found out last week that Bruce is a slut. We’re finished.  Both of your know Mama’s been sick for the last few years.  She’s getting worse.  I don’t want to move to Rhode Island.  I want to move Mama here.”


“No, Andrew. I know what you’re going to say.  I read about the two of you every week.  I’m jealous.  I was just hoping that both of you could break your rules…for me.  Andrew, I want your tender dominance, and John I want to feel your hands on my body, too.   I want the three of us to go to bed together and share love.”

“Vinny, we’re flattered,”  John said.  

“We love you, too, Vinny, but it’s the love that friends have for each other.  I’m sorry about you and Bruce.  We know you are hurting.  We can also see what you feel for us is real, but John and I are monogamous.  Vinny, you know we have friends who are not.  We support and love them, too. Monogamy is not something we just decided, it’s been a part of our commitment since the beginning.  When John told me his heart belonged to me, and only me, I made a promise, too.  I keep it, because I’m in love with him.”

“I need to go,”  Vinny said, setting his cup of coffee down.

“I don’t think you need to be driving this upset,”  John spoke.

“If I stay, I’ll just want your love even more.”  

“No, Vinny, you are going to sit back down,”  John said.  “We don’t want you leaving here in this state of tears, because you could get in a wreck, and hurt yourself, or someone else.”

After John spoke that statement, Vinny didn’t readily sit down.  He finally did, only after I said that John was right.  Once Vinny calmed down he  left. I received a short text from him Saturday afternoon, letting us know he was alright.  He said he would talk to us again soon.  Our friend has a number of situations to sort out in his life:  the lose of Bruce, his mother’s illness, and coming to terms with the fact he cannot be a part of the relationship John and I share.  In the end, I know John and I broke Vinny’s heart, and for that we are sorry.  He will always be our friend, but he cannot be our lover.
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