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Life With Baby Doll: The Evolution of Tender Dominance

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Baby Doll compliments my tender dominance with a submission that is gentle and sweet.  The top/bottom dynamic we have shared from the beginning of our commitment was a mutual agreement.  The roles evolved and grew, as did our relationship. I’ve always had specific preferences for a partner, with the more flamboyant gay males catching my eye.  John is the epitome of flamboyance.
While I am a dominant man, I don’t force control.  I earn it, through trust and love.  The fact that John allows my leadership in his life is an important responsibility.  I have invested a great deal of time into creating a loving environment for Baby Doll to explore his needs. Dominance is providing strength for another.  Control is a form of giving.
Everyone is vulnerable to something, even men like myself.  I struggle predominately with gender dysphoria, phobias, and severe anxiety / panic disorders. I have many triggers, some known and unknown, that sometimes push my buttons without warning.  This week was an example.  
Knowing when to let another man take care of you is an act of dominance itself.  I have sought comfort and the fulfillment of needs in John’s touch since the age of seventeen.  Baby Doll has rescued me a few times. I believe that a dominant man is the product of his partner, as is the lover who created him.
John says that he created a specific touch for my benefit.  He caresses and applies pressure to the skin above the bridge of my nose, between my eyes, often extending to my forehead.  I first felt the sensation as an eighteen year old man, when anxiety and panic led to insomnia.  Now, it is by my request only.  The positive feelings that his touch creates are likely the result of message techniques and reflexology, both of which I have studied to help John with his chronic health conditions.  Lying in bed on Thursday evening, I requested my partner’s touch.
“You still look like the same eighteen year old man I fell in love with, ”  John whispered, as his fingers caressed my forehead.  

“I’ve put on a few pounds since then,”  I replied, closing my eyes.  

“Take what you need, Andrew.”

“You always tell me that when I’m like this.  I have a habit of taking everything that you offer.”
The last thing I remembered that night was the gentleness in Baby Doll’s hands.  I woke the next morning with his arms around me.  Usually, I’m the one holding him.  I’m not above vulnerability, it just has to be with the right man, John Jericho.  He knows that when I let my guard down, it allows me a better understanding of his emotions.  That builds my dominance. While I often write about the intense and passionate love affair between John and I, intimacy is also shared.  Love is deeper than sexuality.  ManLove has many dynamics, John and I share one depiction.
The Life With Baby Doll series is a free weekly MM romance read on my Website that shares my relationship with John Jericho.
To learn more about John and I visit: Life With Baby Doll.  Due to the increasing popularity of the Life With Baby Doll series, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning our intense and passionate love affair as partners.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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