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Life With Baby Doll: Father’s Day Reflections 2014

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My Children
My greatest accomplishment as a transgender man is my family.  Even though I am an author and activist, I will always be a partner and father first.  As Baby Doll and I watch our two children grow we are not only proud of their individuality, but of the fact that they represent our love and commitment to each other.  While we have shared other Father’s Days together, today marks our first since coming out in September, 2013.
Both John and I came from broken homes, raised only by our mothers. John suffered abuses from both a biological and step-father. I did not have a father. Yes, there was man who married my mother.  His name is listed on my birth certificate.  I watched him abuse myself and mother, until I left home at the age of seventeen.  He died in 2012, very bitter and alone.  Not only did he deny me as his son, but he denied the existence of his grandchildren.  The day I left home, I remember vowing that I would break the cycle of abuse.
In early 1997, John and I decided to start a family.  We wanted biological children.  At the time, I still had the reproductive organs necessary to carry a child.  Our son was conceived through artificial insemination.  I gave birth to him in August, 1997 through C-section.  In 2000, our daughter was born through the same process.
I am not the first transgender man who has given birth to children, with the most notable being  Thomas Beatie.   Society has labeled pregnancy and birth as a gender specific process.  My gender identity is male.  I am their father.  They carry a part of my DNA. However, the most important thing they carry is my love.  There have been critics who have questioned the decisions that John and I made.  Even though our children were conceived through artificial insemination, and I did not endure a long and painful labor, we still love them dearly.
John was with me for both births, holding my hand on the operating table. Each time I heard their first cries, I remember feeling a strong sense of fatherly love and protection towards the little lives who were now dependent on my partner and I for their care.  We’ve not only heard our children’s first cries, but we have been there through many milestones in their lives.  I am proud of both of my children, as I see them growing into young adults. My son will turn seventeen this year, and my daughter fourteen.
Our children are reminders of faith, hope, and love.  They are new beginnings.  The values that John and I have taught them, will hopefully be carried on in their generation.  Then, passed to their children.  I find it amusing to watch each of them, because I see so much of John and I reflected back.  Each carries our strengths and our weakness, and they use them in their own individuality.  The cycle of abuse has now become a circle of love.
With each Father’s Day that passes, I am humbled to have been given a chance to be their father.  They have brought great joy to the lives of both John and I.  I am proud to call them my children.
John would and I would like to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!
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