Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plans for 2009


It's 2009!

I've got a long list of "Things To Do" this year, but they really come down to one big item...

Get my time balanced between work and family.

Right now, I've swung a bit too far to the family side of the coin. There are those who will say that's not possible, but it is.

Let me tell you a little about a few of the projects that I'll be working on this year...

Ike Payne isn't gone—she's just been on a little vacation. Ike, Devon, Miranda, and Jack, along with the crew of Boone, will be back. I feel like I need to apologize to the readers, though...I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long after Desert Heat! I sat down the other day and read the third book in the Ike Payne Adventure, Lust to the Third, and I realized why I hated the story so much. It's going to get fixed and out to the readers this year! Add to that the fact that Ike still has a lot of tales to tell, and I think you might see two or more new stories involving her.

The crew of Daedalus are still taking their Flights of Fancy, too. There will likely be at least three more stories in that setting this year. Look for a little comedy and something a bit extreme from those folks. I can't really say when Flights of Fancy will end, though. I'm having a lot of fun with those stories!

The common thread behind the Ike Payne Adventures and the Flights of Fancy stories is the Immortal Love Universe. As I've said before, I have many millions of words of stories in the Immortal Love Universe, and it seems that more ideas crop up there every day. I'm working on getting that all tied up in a nice, neat bundle and hope to finish that project this year, too. Well, as much as one can finish such a large project. I plan to have one or two stories ready this year. Oh, lest I be remiss, there's a chance that these stories will be released under a different name, probably M. C. Aaron, just to show the separation.

Lastly, there is the still semi-secret work with Cindy Aadams...I can't really say too much about that other than it will be erotica romance in a setting and with a twist that will surprise most readers. The path the characters are taking us down is very unusual and I honestly don't know where it will end up!

For those keeping score, that means I plan to write at least six books this year, and that's just in the erotica romance genre.

I think I have this whole balance of time thing figured out!

Happy 2009!

Keep Loving!

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