Monday, October 13, 2008

Political Cats, Chickens, and Fires

It's been a tough period for me the last few weeks when it comes to blogging. I'm actively avoiding a couple of topics like politics and the economy. Both depress me, and I suspect I'm not alone in that. I'm also a little tired of hearing about both issues, and I'd bet dollars to donuts that I'm not the only one to feel that way, too.

So, if you're looking for some new revelation about who to vote for or how to save your retirement nest egg, you're in the wrong place.

Besides, do you really need or want Britney or Angelina or Brad or Barbara or Oprah to tell you how to think? For that matter, do you want me to tell you?

I doubt it.

I'm not going to talk too much about my books, either. You can read all you want about my books here and on my Siren page, so I won't beat you in the head with that.

Well, I will say one thing that I've noticed...

I'm seeing the term "polyamory" in it's various grammatical forms flying around some of the romance groups, blogs, and publisher sites a lot lately. It seems folks have found a new word. No, it's not new. The word has been around for about four or five years, maybe a bit longer, but hasn't been used too much. Just remember where you heard it first...

The Polyamorous Princess was released almost two years ago by Siren and presented the concept of polyamory as an alternative to the idea of a ménage. Yes, it's possible for a person to love more than one other person.

The Flights of Fancy series continues the trend of polyamory instead of simple ménage relationships.


I guess fall—such as it is—has come to Sunny Southern California. It was twenty-eight degrees here Sunday morning, and thirty-six this morning. It's still bright and sunny, but there's a chill in the air. A Santa Anna wind is predicted for tonight and Tuesday, though, and that means high fire danger here, what we call a "Red Flag" condition.

In the last five years, most of San Diego County has burned, so there's not a lot of fuel left, but that doesn't mean it can't get nasty. Any fire coupled with winds at or above fifty miles per hour is bad. Really bad. Both of the big fires from recent years, the Cedar and the Harris, broke out in the last half of October. We're on thin ice here right now.

The interesting thing is that despite the lack of any appreciable rain this past summer the hillsides are still fairly green. Maybe that's a good sign. Only time will tell for sure.

We're going to make a short fieldtrip today to a local nursery. They always have a nice harvest time display with a pumpkin patch and lots of arts and crafts set up, and they added a coffee and tea bar a couple of years ago where you can get a drink and sit in the gardens and enjoy the day. They also have a lot of things for kids, like craft classes and a few chickens in need of chasing. It's a great way to kill a few hours.

We'll probably drop into Friends of Cats, too. They're just across the street, and no matter how much people donate to FoC for food, medicine, litter, toys, etc., the cats there can always use someone to come in a pet them for a while. Remember, you can't buy love, but you can adopt it!

Speaking of going, I've been advised that I need to get off the computer so we can have breakfast. No, I'm not cooking!

Keep Loving!

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