Monday, August 18, 2008

Flights of Fancy

I just have to brag a little on how well the first two installments of the Flights of Fancy series are doing.

Flights of Fancy 1, Burning Love, is back up to number 13 on the Siren Bestseller list. This tale introduces the reader to the science and diplomatic ship HMSS Daedalus and her core crew. Star figured out a few months ago that she spent too much time on work and not nearly enough on herself. As Spence points out to her, "All work and no play makes Star a dull girl." Little does Star suspect that she'll soon have to pick between Spence and an alien ambassador named Krell who can touch her like no human ever could. Or will she?

Knights of Desire, Flights of Fancy 2, is now at number 6 on the list. This tale follows Shane Rawls, a Marine with a secret fantasy for multiple men in her bed. When two knights, Clemmons and Landis, enter her life, sparks fly. Speaking of flying, Landis and Clemmons are at war with dragons. Shane soon finds that talking dragons add to the complexity of falling for multiple partners.

I'm putting the finishing touches on Flights of Fancy 3 even as you read this. The working title is As Darkness Falls, and this story finds Rabine Salas in the middle of boxers and vampire-like creatures on a planet where things are adeptly hidden from her and the Daedalus crew in dangerous ways. Watch for more information.

Flights of Fancy is set in the Immortal Love Universe, the same had-core science fiction background as the Ike Payne Adventures and The Polyamorous Princess. This universe covers the entire galaxy and more than twelve billion years. It's a big place, and my private playground.

You're invited to come play with me!

Keep Loving!


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