Sunday, May 4, 2008

Intro: Melodee Aaron

Hello, All!

I'm Melodee Aaron, and I've been with Siren for a couple of years now. What a great place to be it is, too! In addition to a wonderful professional staff of artists, editors, and managers, the other Siren authors are the best you can find anyplace in any aspect of the publishing business.

While I haven't found the time to get anything to the new Bookstrand division yet, I expect that will be changing soon. Under the leadership of the Siren team, Bookstrand will also become a major driving force in the industry.

As I mentioned, I have been with Siren for a while now, and I have a number of books published with them, including:

For the Love of Payne, An Ike Payne Adventure 1
Desert Heat, An Ike Payne Adventure 1
The Polyamorous Princess
Burning Love, Flights of Fancy 1

These are all hard erotica romance science fiction and all are set in the same "universe", a place I call the Immortal Love Universe. It's a big place, too, spanning the entire galaxy, and in some cases even a bit farther, and more than twelve billion years starting in 1940 AD.

I like the place. The Immortal Love Universe gives me room to develop characters, some larger than life, and detailed stories, including some classic SF standbys like huge battles and strange, often dangerous, aliens.

To learn more, you can visit me at any (or all!) of the following places...

Web Site:

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